Criminal Girls: Invite Only – Digital Soundtrack

Criminal Girls: Invite Only – Digital Soundtrack

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Game Overview: Criminal Girls: Invite Only – Digital Soundtrack

Criminal Girls: Invite Only Soundtrack Tracklisting:

      1. Venus in the Mirror
      2. Everyone… Die.
      3. Playing with Toys
      4. Notice me…
      5. Straight Up, All Out
      6. One Two Three!
      7. I Love You
      8. Prison of Chains
      9. Muddy Encounter
      10. Where High Spirits Burn
      11. Labyrinth of Fascination
      12. Unescapable Past
      13. Crimson Purgatory
      14. Abyss of Providence
      15. Melody of Trepidation! Dance to Paganini!
      16. I’ll Send You Flying Beyond Hell Itself!
      17. What Lies in the Depths of Hell
      18. A Battle of Bonds
      19. Final Battle
      20. At the Time of Rest
      21. Motivation Time
      22. Motivation Time 2
      23. Hellish Life
      24. Fun Time
      25. Sweet Time
      26. Distress
      27. Sadness Arrives
      28. The Girls’ Resolution
      29. Sanctuary
      30. Peaceful Days
      31. To the New Tomorrow

Release Date
Jan 11, 2017

Nippon Ichi Software, Inc.

DLC, Role-Playing, Strategy

NIS America


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