Falcon Series Soars onto Steam

The Falcon Collection Soars into Retroism’s Steam Catalog


Four Iconic Falcon series flight sims to debut on Steam on January 8

LOS ANGELES, CA (January 5, 2016) – Retroism today announced January 8 as the Steam release of three trailblazing flight sims in the Falcon series, as well as the Falcon Collection that bundles all three games and includes a bonus copy of Falcon 4.0.

Falcon_02 Falcon A.T. FalconGold_01

Releasing on January 8 are the following games and packages:

  • Falcon, the award-winning original that ushered in a new age of F-16 flight sims in the late 80s. (View this game on Steam)

  • Falcon A.T., which built on the success of its predecessor as one of the first flight sims to use EGA graphics. (View this game on Steam)

  • Falcon Gold, featuring the legendary Falcon 3.0, MiG-29, Operation: Fighting Tiger and an Art of the Kill dogfighting video, which set new standards for flight dynamics and avionics for the flight sim genre. (View this game on Steam)

  • The Falcon Collection includes all of the above, plus a bonus of Falcon 4.0 version 1.08, a game with a modding community still active for nearly two decades after its original release. (View this game on Steam)

“Among the almost 50 Classic titles Retroism has published since last year, Flight Sims have been among our most requested,” said Michael Devine, VP of Business Development for Retroism’s parent company Tommo, Inc. “The Falcon Collection is our most ambitious undertaking yet, providing hundreds of hours of gameplay, bonus materials and extras that make this a must have for fans of Falcon, flight sims, and classic retro gaming.”

The Falcon series will be available on Steam on January 8, and will debut with a first week discount of 25% off each $6.99 game, as well as a 25% first-week discount for the $9.99 Falcon Collection. As an added bonus for the Steam release of the Falcon series, Steam Trading Cards will be included with Falcon Gold.

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