Retroism Unleashes 22 Classics Spectrum ZX games

Retroism Unleashes 22 Classics Spectrum ZX games in one iOS App – Firebird Spectaculator

21 Firebird titles not seen in 25 years and a bonus – Accolades’ HardBall!

LOS ANGELES, CA (February 9, 2016) – Retroism announced today that the Firebird Spectaculator App will make its debut on iOS February 12th, featuring over 20 best-loved titles from the famous Spectrum ZX software publisher.

Official Firebird Spectaculator trailer:

“The Firebird Spectaculator release is a tribute to both the Spectrum ZX that launched in 1982 and Firebird, maker of some of the most revered games on the system,” said Tommo CEO Jonathan Wan (parent company of Retroism), “As a special bonus we’re also excited to be able give fans the rarest version of Hardball! (Accolade) ever – the Spectrum ZX edition”

Firebird Spectaculator has a MSRP of $1.99 with In App Purchases. The base game features:

Elite is an open ended space trading game with an element of combat.
Exodus is an arcade shoot-em-up where the player controls a patrolling starship.
Mr. Freeze is a platform game that involves all of the usual platform elements.
Run Baby Run is a maze ‘chase’ game, with the player’s car trying to out-run the pursuing police cars around a variety of different locations.
Terra Force is a shoot-em-up where you must destroy the alien at the top of the screen five times before the Earth or the Moon is destroyed.
The Wild Bunch is a strategy adventure game set in the Wild West.
Willow Pattern – Chang’s quest is to make his way through the beautiful and complex maze in search of Princess Koong-Shee.
Hardball (Bonus Game) – Step up to the plate and try to knock that ball out of the park. You can choose to bunt, steal a base. On Defense, you can control the type and location of the pitch as well as the fielders.

Additional games (14) may be purchased in App for $0.99 each or $1.99 for all fourteen.

These games are:

Buggy Blast is a maze-based arcade game.
Byte Bitten is a maze game with mini-quests and a sub-game where the player plays a horizontal scrolling arcade game.
Chimera is an isometric exploration game with a heavy adventure element.
Cholo is a wire-frame 3D exploration game.
Costa Capers is an example of a pixel-perfect platform game.
Crazy Caverns is an arcade game where the idea is to feed the monster on each level by pushing moveable blocks into its mouth.
Don’t Panic – Climbing into your Droid Loader, you leave the safety of your space cargo vessel to locate and return various radioactive items to the ship’s hold.
Gyron is a 3D maze game. The player controls a vehicle called the Hedroid, which can hover up and down the trenches in the maze.
Menace is a arcade game based in a school classroom. The premise is to tease the teacher and other pupils, while collecting items from the back of the classroom and depositing them.
Rasputin is an isometric puzzle game. You must destroy the jewel of the seven planets which is the power source of the spirit of Rasputin.
Runestone is a text entry adventure.
The Sentinel is a side scrolling action game.
Thunderbirds is a puzzle game. It seems that a group of Egyptologists have managed to get their selves trapped deep within an ancient tomb.
Viking Raiders is a turn-based strategy war game, which involves moving your boats, men and catapults to capture the castle of each opponent.

To celebrate the Release of Firebird Spectaculator, Retroism is offering a first week discount of 50% on the App to 99 cents.

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